NAFA Film Festival 2017

The NAFA International Ethnographic Film Festival, having taken place since 1979, is the oldest of its kind in Europe, with the Margaret Mead Festival in New York being the only older such festival in the world. NAFA was one of the founding member festivals of CAFFE (Coordinating Anthropological Film Festivals in Europe, Unlike most festivals, NAFA is organised in a different location every year.

Until 2001 this was always in a Nordic country but can now be held anywhere in the world, although so far only in Europe, the decision being taken by the annual meeting of NAFA based on ‘bids’ from local organisers.

However, the festival always consists of general screenings of ethnographic films and documentary films found anthropologically relevant in one way or the other by the selection committee. As is the case in 2017, with the symposium on ‘The Visual Anthropology of Food’, the festival is often held in conjunction with other research activities and events, and the general screenings supplemented by more thematic specialized screenings.


International Film Selection Committee, 2017:

  • Balz Andrea Alter
    PhD student of anthropology and film-maker, University of Basel and University of Aarhus, Switzerland/Denmark
  • Peter I. Crawford,
    Chairman, Anthropologist, film-maker and publisher, Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University, Denmark, Co-organiser (with Ditte Marie Seeberg) of overall event.
  • Alyssa Grossman
    Anthropologist and film-maker, Department of Fine Art, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Rossella Ragazzi
    Anthropologist and film-maker, Tromsø University Museum, Norway.
  • Rolf E. Scott
    Anthropologist and film-maker, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen, Norway.
  • Orsolya Veraart
    Anthropologist and film-maker, Tromsø, Norway.


Film submission

The deadline for film submissions was 3 March 2017.