Otu Bala performing for the video clip Au Nom du Chef, in Yaoundé in 2015 (image: Balz Andrea Alter).

Otu Bala performing for the video clip Au Nom du Chef, in Yaoundé in 2015 (image: Balz Andrea Alter).



Ethnomusicology in times of MTV, YouTube & VEVO

-  a Workshop on Film & Music

A long run research project at the Universities of Basel and Aarhus has produced in collaboration with the University of Arts Zurich an ethnographic film about an African musician living in between Yaoundé and Paris. Its working title is “Je est un Autre - La Magie du Blanc”. 

For further information please contact Balz Andre Alter (balz.alter@unibas.ch)

The audio-visual research method enabled the author Balz Andrea Alter and the protagonist above all to approach the topic from a corporeal audiovisual perspective and at the same time to reflect the process of the film production in greater depth in a verbal form.

In the aftermath of the Symposium on Music and Film held in June 2017 @ Moesgaard Museum (https://visualethnomusicology.wordpress.com) Bala and Alter will dig a little deeper presenting 70 min of their actual collaboration based on what they developped in the framework of the research, music and film project “Je est un Autre – La Magie du Blanc”.

Their input is a contribution of research that acknowledges the main implications of the so-called ‘anthropology of the senses’ and practice-based research. Linked to this, they will address ways in which notions of art, visual anthropology and ethnographic film may contribute to knowledge production in the social sciences. In their attempt they will follow a historical perspective introducing examples from Hugo Zemp – one of last century’s icons in the field – to recent works out of the Eye & Mind Lab’s. Students, PhD’s, Post-Doc’s and other practioners are invited to attend the 1 day workshop for free. A detailed program will be published soon …


MA Balz Andrea Alter, filmmaker & lecturer at the University of Basel, works as a doctoral student (in a cotutelle de thèse with Aarhus University),

André Ottou aka Otu Bala has a BA in Journalism from the University of Yaoundé and lives and works as an independent writer and musician in Paris, France.